Quality and Selection - The Hachenberg family with their combined experience of over 100 years in the piano industry, have carefully researched piano manufacturers in this country and abroad in order to bring you a wide selection of the world's best piano values.  We represent carefully selected American, Asian and European manufacturers whose instruments are the finest piano investments available today.

We take pride in our combination of great prices and great service!  That is the single most important reason we are Tucson's oldest continuously owned piano store.

yamahaYAMAHA - We believe Yamaha represents one of the finer instruments in an Asian-made piano.  The Yamaha piano is designed and built to meet the stringent demands of the professional performing artist and are widely respected not only for their excellent tonal quality, but also for the fine woods used in their construction.  We have seen these pianos improve in tonal quality and overall design to the point they are truly "Today's Standard of Musical Excellence"!

HALLET, DAVIS & CO. - For over a century, Hallet, Davis & Co. pianos have maintained a strong reputation for creating superior instruments of remarkable beauty in a wide variety of styles, sizes and finishes.  The Hallet, Davis & Co. factory employs the most modern machine-manufacturing techniques, which produce an instrument of superb precision and uncommon value.

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